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Quiet Pavement of SR520: Why can't WSDOT read?
Applying lessons from I-405 to SR520

It is interesting to note that in the recently released Draft Environmental Statement (DEIS) it would seem that concrete pavement is to replace the current asphalt surface.....

From SR 520 Bridge Replacement and HOV Project DEIS at Chapter 8: Construction Effects / Part 2: Evaluating the Alternatives, p. 8-2

Roadway Reconstruction
“The build alternatives would replace the existing pavement on SR520
with new concrete pavement. Most of the asphalt removed from the
existing roadway would be recycled. Some of the existing support material
beneath the roadway, such as gravel and sand, would also be removed and
replaced with new material. Concrete paving machines would be used to
place the new concrete pavement."

A conclusion having been already drawn by WSDOT, it would appear that “quiet pavement” or rubberized asphalt is precluded from a potential SR520 expansion project. Further reading of the SR520 DEIS illustrates the WSDOT's propensity for even more extensive noise walls.

Comment Period
The comment period on the Draft EIS will begin on 18 August 2006. WSDOT will accept comments through 2 October 2006. Request a copy for yourself on CD by sending a request to sr520bridge@wsdot.wa.gov and include your name, address, and telephone number.

All written comments should be sent to:
Paul Krueger
Environmental Manager
SR 520 Project Office
414 Olive Way, Suite 400
Seattle, WA 98101
Comments can be e-mailed to: sr520deiscomments@wsdot.wa.gov

Cheers! - Jim

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