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I feel that it would be constructive for Mr. Scott to include references substantiating the various claims made, and to review additional materials that can give a more complete and balanced picture of this complex issue. Experiences in both AZ and CA have not been all positive - there are some challenges with the use of RAP. Likewise, recent developments in concrete surface characteristics (most notably longitudinal tining and whisper grinding) allow for similar reductions in noise while maintaining skid and abrasion (studded tire) resistance for significant lengths of time. Remember, sections of concrete pavement on I-5 are over 40 years old and have carried much more traffic than it was designed for, continuing to serve the Washington taxpayer extremely well. Please remeber that there are always two sides to a story and that unlike the average citizen, our public servants in our Departments of Transportation are employed and specifically trained to make informed decisions that best serve the public as a whole.

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